Member Testimonials

What’s all the buzz about? Our Members and their guests are noticing – are you?  The Cullasaja Club continues to improve the private club experience in in Highlands, North Carolina. Check out these member testimonials!



I wanted to take this opportunity to complement the HOA on the breadth of services and professionalism of its staff.   For folks that live as far from North Carolina as we do, the fact that we can depend on the HOA to the look after the house is an enormous benefit to us both.

Recently, Steve noticed a leak in the kitchen area and Larry did a follow-up visit the next day.  Had it not been for their professional, proactive involvement, we could have had a significant issue in the house.   

Again, our thanks and appreciation to the entire HOA team that has provided much assistance to us over the time we have owned the house.


1-24-16 Well Done!

Toddie and I got in Thursday afternoon in anticipation of the major snow event that came as promised.  You should be very proud of your HOA Staff as am I, with the way they have handled things and continued to keep Cullasaja as the best  Club on the Plateau.  

 Toddie, Lucy (Border Collie) and I just got back from a golf cart ride to the Club House and the roads are in remarkedly good condition, as are the driveways, considering we had at least 12 inches of snow and near blizzard conditions.

Well done!

1-19-16 Your The Best!


Paul and I are terribly grateful for your help on Saturday getting our heat and air problem solved.  We had no idea that we could be out of fuel, especially since we had just recently had our tank filled.  And having Andrews Auld available to blow out the lines and get the system re-started after the tank was filled was critical.  We’ve been in touch with the gas company and discovered there was a glitch on their end as to what tank service we were receiving and so that has been remedied.

We say over and over how beneficial it is for us to live in Cullasaja Club and have access to your fine maintenance team.  That was even more underscored when we lost heat and were both out of town.  We brag to all of our friends who live outside Cullasaja about how much difference it makes living here and never was it more important or more appreciated than this weekend. 

Thank you for everything you and your team do for us day in and day out.  You are the BEST!